Art as the language of peace

Sending new narratives with art and free media

forumZFD supports projects in Israel and Palestine that use art and media as a means of conflict transformation. After all, conflicts always thrive on widespread narratives that cast the other side in a bad light. We are convinced that if we tell stories that offer alternative perspectives, we will succeed in countering the traditional conflict with a new narrative.

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New perspectives through creativity

We believe that media and art are crucial spaces to tell stories that would otherwise go unheard. Art and media are unique platforms for expression, dialogue and understanding. These projects go beyond traditional forms of conflict resolution and use creative approaches to open up new perspectives and pave the way for sustainable peace. Our projects amplify the voices of artists and journalists who offer alternative perspectives. They create spaces where conventional narratives can be challenged and new narratives can be developed that question the prevailing black-and-white thinking.

Independent journalism  reporting independently of the old narratives

The media initiatives supported by forumZFD strive for more balanced and comprehensive reporting. They offer training for journalists to ensure that reports on conflicts do not contribute to further polarization, but rather promote understanding and peace.

Specifically, we therefore support independent media organizations such as "Dooz", which teach young Palestinian journalists practical skills to achieve reach with their constructive views.

Art against war

In our art projects, we use the universal language of creativity to break down barriers and promote understanding between different communities. These projects range from visual arts to theatre and music, offering both artists and audiences the opportunity to explore different perspectives and develop empathy.

For example, in the form of Art Heroes, a platform for artists who contribute to social change and understanding through their work.

With culture we create a culture of peace

By supporting these projects, we help to combat stereotypes and paint a more comprehensive picture of the situation in Israel and Palestine. We are helping to break down outdated narratives and spread constructive solutions based on dialogue and understanding.