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The future we want 2

Even pandemic can't stop our young peace activists

In the frame of the Project „ The Future we want 2“, the organizers together with partners in Kosovo and North Macedonia have initiated a symbolic competition called „ Outbreak Solidarity“ four groups of young peace activists from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and North Macedonia have participated by creating 4 digital works promoting solidarity, empathy and cooperation.Very soon all audio visual contributing works will be posted and can be watched by following Facebook and Youtube channels of the organizers, and on the Youth Together- FWW2 Facebook group.
The Future we want 2 - 1
© „Outbreak Solidarity“ - one work by the youth group from Gornji Vakuf-Uskoplje

Also, the youth groups from Bosnia and Herzegovina, -at this time when as teenagers they still have to live in isolation at home, respecting the physical distance and under lockdown-, have asked the organizers to support them in setting a digital workshop on selfcare and mental health while facing COVID-19. And so did the organizers of the Project together with the mentor of the groups, Mirjana Trifković, by facilitating the implementation of a virtual workshop on the theme „ In isolation from COVID-19, we practice anti-stress and selfcare“ The workshop was realized on May 3 2020 and led by Dženana Hrlović, psychologist and practitioner of transitional analysis from Sarajevo.

This successful and useful interactive online workshop with youngsters from Jajce, Bugojno and Gornji Vakuf-Uskoplje has offered them concrete measures and exercises for further cherishing social virtual relations, for decreasing stress, for strenghten selfcare and mind control in crisis situations, and in the same time has empowered the young peace activists in their further engagement in their localities.

© forumZFD

An achieved result which, exemplary for all feedback shared, one workshop participant confirmed: „From the beginning of the quarantine, I struggle with staying motivated. All the time I feel under big stress, especially when it comes to home school works and duties, and when I have to prepare exams for the enrollment at the Faculty. The online workshop I took part helped me a lot to deal with difficult situations. I learned new ways to face negative thoughts and to prevent lack of personal motivation. Breathing and relaxing exercises did really have instant positive effects on me and my everyday's mood. Definitively, I plan to share my learning with other, as this workshop could be useful also for a lot of other people who feel distressed in this period of pandemic and isolation. I am grateful for the given opportunity.“ 

„THE FUTURE WE WANT 2“ is a regional Project led by forumZFD BiH, Kosovo and North Macedonia in cooperation with Nansen Dialogue Center Sarajevo and OC Gornji Vakuf-Uskoplje, and supported also by other important regional partners.

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