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“The future we want 2”

Young Peace Activists from Kosovo learn together and plan local actions

In a highly divided society, it is essential to create safe spaces and opportunities for young people to meet, share experiences, and become active citizens.
The future we want 2 - 1
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In the framework of the second phase of the project “The Future We Want”, the group of young peace activists from different communities and localities in Kosovo gathered in Prizren for a three-day training on 6-8 March 2020. 

Through several workshops based on diverse active-learning methodologies, participants discussed highly relevant and challenging topics connected to identity, perspectives and stereotypes. Particular focus was put on understanding the roots and consequences of discrimination and segregation, and the role of each individual and group to challenge these dynamics. 

Thanks to the support of project partners, youth groups started developing their local projects, through problem analysis, drafting of needs-assessment surveys, and brainstorming of potential actions, which are supposed to begin in April. 

Moreover, during a cultural visit to the most relevant sites of Prizren, youth had the opportunity to discover the diversity and history of the town.


“The Future We Want” is a regional project implemented by forumZFD in Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and North Macedonia in partnership with local Organizations. The first phase of the project was implemented in 2019. 

The project aims to promote intercultural exchange to challenge stereotypes, ethnocentric narratives and division, and build a better future through youth capacity-building and local advocacy actions. Indeed, while learning together, sharing their opinions, and living common experiences, young participants overcome barriers, which are persisting in today’s Western Balkans societies. 

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