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First workshop with students on the manual “Women and Gender” in the last two decades of the XX century in Kosovo

On the 26th of May in the University of Prishtina – Department of History a workshop with students was held on the manual “Women and Gender” in the last two decades of XX century in Kosovo.

The cycle of the workshop started with social sciences teachers and professors and has continued with including students as well. 
First workshop with students on the manual “Women and Gender” 6
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Those workshops are the continuation of the project that started in 2021 when the research was done on history books on women’s activism during Peaceful and Armed Resistance in the 90s. A focus group discussed the findings, and the authors worked on the educational material produced in 2022. The manual “Women and Gender” gathered the fact of woman’s activism during those two periods and tells the importance of women in peacebuilding processes. This manual is one more tool for educators to increase their capacities and motivation, organizing activities, disseminating, and using the newly produced multi-perspective educational materials to enrich their teaching methods. 

The chapters presented in this manual seek to:

•Promote gender as an analytical category in teaching history so that students understand and learn about the social constructs of gender and history.

•Apply gender analysis in various historical sources to develop critical thinking and gender sensitivity.

•Include visual methodologies in history to foster interactive learning, critical thinking, and teamwork on topics concerning gender and women in history.

•Encourage curiosity and skill in historical research with a gender perspective.

This manual is envisaged as a complementary resource to be used by teachers of History. In compliance with the curricula documents issued by the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology, and Innovation of the Republic of Kosovo – MESTI, the chapters in this manual are dedicated to students of X and XII grades for the subject of History. However, they can also be used in other subjects of the curriculum, such as Society and Environment, Civic Education, Sociology, Psychology, and Philosophy and Logic, for lower and higher secondary schools, depending on the content of programs for these subjects.

Present at the workshop were students of bachelor and master level and this activity was a continuation of several other planned activities within the project, containing those components:

• Which period should be presented in the alternative history materials when we talk about the woman?

• How necessary are these materials that apply a gender perspective and analysis in the development of teaching materials and texts about history and other social sciences?

• Oral history as a contemporary methodology during the teaching of social sciences.

This project is implemented by the forumZFD - Program in Kosovo in cooperation with the Association of History Teachers of Kosovo and is supported by funds received from the German Federal Ministry on Economic Development and Cooperation (BMZ).

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