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An Eye not for an Eye (2014 - Ongoing)

Partnering with Permanent Peace Movement to develop a handbook for youth on non-violent communication

The young generation in Lebanon is influenced by the experience of daily aggression and violence as well as an increasing availability of arms and weapons. The propensity for violence among young people is high and especially teachers face a lack of methods and tools to deal with violence in schools.
Our trainer presenting the manual


In an effort to contribute to filling this gap forumZFD’s Capacity Development team developed in cooperation with its partner organisation Permanent Peace Movement the handbook “An Eye not for an Eye”. Based on the participants’ feedback of the trainings within the NOVA project, this manual on non-violent conflict transformation aims at sensitizing the Lebanese public, particularly the younger generation, for methods of non-violent communication and their effectiveness for dealing with conflicts.

The handbook includes methods and exercises on six different topics:

  • Self-esteem
  • Interaction with and treatment of the other
  • Me and the other in conflict
  • Separation of emotions and needs
  • Non-violent communication
  • Examples of non-violent activism

To show examples of non-violent activism in Lebanon’s history a short movie was developed and included into the sixth chapter of the handbook.

The handbook is used within the NOVA project to provide teachers with tools and methods to promote non-violent behaviour among students. forumZFD also uses the handbook to train NGOs and other stakeholders working with children and adolescents. In 2016, Search for Common Ground partnered with forumZFD to adapt and use the manual's approach for working with Syrian refugees and Lebanese host communities in six locations in Lebanon. In 2017, 240 youth and children used the manual within the project Rainbow of Hope.

The Handbook (Arabic) can be downloaded here. To find out more about this project, please find the forumZFD one pager here!

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