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The exhibition "Peace with Women’s Face" - goes online

on Dealing with the past platform

We are pleased to inform you that the exhibition "Peace with Women's Face" goes online on our regional platform on Dealing with the past.

The exhibition "Peace with Women’s Face" goes online
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Link to the full online exhibition:

The exhibition entitled "Peace with Women’s Face" is a result of cooperation and efforts of the women’s peace movement Mir sa ženskim licem (Peace with Women’s Face) and Forum Ziviler Friedensdienst (forumZFD) to integrate a female perspective in the process of facing the past and peace building in Bosnia and Herzegovina and present the women’s side of the story about the survival and overcoming the consequences of war. This exhibition is dedicated to women that have led small (and big) fights for their rights and rights of others in the post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina and have rebuilt the war-torn society. Life stories in front of you are new pages of history of this country and are unique, because they focus on women and personal experience, as opposed to the general policy of supremacy of nation and collectivity over individuals and marginalization of women’s experiences and accomplishments.

The initiative "Peace with Women’s Face" and Forum Ziviler Friedensdienst, as initiators and authors of the concept of the exhibition, supported by the experts of the History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, wanted to free the discourse about women in Bosnia and Herzegovina from the omnipresent cliché of woman as being a victim and subjugated, whose life path is determined by her sex and nation, and to show the kaleidoscope of destinies of women, who turned their disempowerment into victories. Given the fact that we live in a time where we always refer to memories and remembrance, we believed that it was important to also document women’s experiences during the war and the post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina. The remembrance in Bosnia and Herzegovina is exclusively tied to the three ethno-national narratives, without any space for women’s experiences, which are left to oblivion. Our intention was to organize the exhibition in order to document a small piece of women’s history of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which will be permanently remembered by the coming generations.

Such examples show that women do not only have the role of a victim in the war and post-war period, but that they are also active members of the society, who initiate positive social changes and values as a result of their abilities, strength and will. This exhibition is devoted to all women of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who make daily efforts and work on peace building. We kindly thank those women, who shared their stories with us! May their experiences be a motivation and inspiration for dealing with challenges ahead of us!

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