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Enhancing conflict sensitive project implementation (2018 – 2019)

Partnership with House of Peace on conflict sensitivity in development and humanitarian work

Even though there is a tremendous number of local and international NGOs working in conflict prone contexts in Lebanon, the concepts of conflict sensitivity and Do No Harm have not yet received the required attention. Many organisations still lack the awareness of potential – often unintended - consequences of their work due to a lack of expertise in conflict sensitivity. There is a growing interest among local organisations in developing their skills and knowledge on how to incorporate conflict sensitivity within their projects. However, there is only a handful of qualified trainers in the field. Due to this rising demand, forumZFD Lebanon through the Capacity Development Programme Area, and in partnership with House of Peace, aims to enhance the skills of local actors in conflict sensitivity.

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This project is a part of the Capacity Development Programme Area  which provides support for conflict transformation and peace-building projects as well as conflict-sensitive development and humanitarian work through building the skills and capacities of key actors working in the field. In late 2018, forumZFD partnered up with House of Peace (HoPe)  to address the lack of expertise in the field of conflict sensitivity.

Through twelve three-day workshops on conflict sensitivity, supported by forumZFD with advice and technical input, HoPe provides concepts of social peace to members of international and local NGOs though multiple exercises by analysing conflict contexts and sharing experiences. By using the conflict cake, a tool developed by HoPe, participants are empowered to see the results of their interventions in the context of their work to integrate conflict sensitivity within their programmes. This is followed by regular meetings to give participants the chance to collaboratively develop context analyses, share experiences and evaluate lessons learnt during the trainings. The aim of this project is to reduce unintentional social tensions caused by development projects.  


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