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Engagement with Senior High Schools

in Cotabato

In 2016, forumZFD started its engagement with the Senior High School students in Cotabato City. As for now, there are very limited venues and opportunities for the youth to take active involvement in public discourses related to the Bangsamoro peace process.

Senior High School Engagement in Cotabato
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In recent studies, the youth have been proven to be most vulnerable in terms of recruitment by radical groups. This can be attributed to their exclusion on discourses concerning the peace process and other issues directly affecting their lives and future. Their lack of information about the current peace process, their experience of social injustices and structural violence, and their exclusion from decision making concerning their future, makes them susceptible to radicalization and violent options.

forumZFD provides platforms where the youth, particularly the senior high school students, can come together and collectively identify non-violent means to counter conflict situations, structural violence and marginalization, inter-cultural prejudice and antipathy, and discrimination-based violence. The youth are capacitated to assert their roles as active working partners in nation-building on the one hand, and as active stakeholders, leaders and role models for their communities on the other.

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