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Conflict-Sensitive Journalism Research Conference


For the first time in its history, Davao will see the organizing of “On Conflict-Sensitive Journalism - An International Academic Conference”, a joint initiative of PECOJON – the Peace and Conflict Journalist Network Philippines, the Media Educators of Mindanao (MEM) Inc and forumZFD. It is a unique opportunity for researchers to go beyond the headlines, in a region often dominating the headlines. This two-day research conference, from February 10 to 11, 2020, will generate academic insights on practicing journalism and communication in a conflict setting, increasing the professionalization of journalism in general, and contributing to peacebuilding in conflict areas such as Mindanao. Do you want to be part of this experience? Respond to the call for abstracts now!

The CSJ International Academic Conference is a two-day event generating academic insights on practicing journalism and communication in a conflict setting
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All relevant information, such as the call for abstracts and logistical information, can be found on the conference website.

Researchers from all over the world are welcome to send in their abstracts from May 24 until November 15, 2019. The deadline for early-bird registration is September 1, 2019.

In order to support research talent in the Philippines, the organizing parties provide an all-catered Research Talent Program for Philippine early-career researchers in the run-up to the conference. The CSJ Research Talent Program, with approximately 15 available slots, consists of, among others, a kick-off write-shop, open to all, on how to write a research abstract, in June 2019; two additional workshops on CSJ research; and, eventually, a sponsorship to participate in the Conference “On Conflict-Sensitive Journalism”. Deadline to apply for the CSJ Talent Program is July 21, 2019.

Here you can find more information about the Research Talent Program.

Conflict-sensitive journalism has been developed as a theoretical and practical framework for media practitioners to cover conflict in a responsible way. It was borne out of the study of journalism, an understanding of conflict science and the experience of hundreds of journalists. With the organizing of an international academic conference, we seek to draw broad lines of inquiry into the discipline, practice and craft of reporting crisis, conflict, and violence, and the context within which reportage unfolds.

Keep an eye on the conference website or our news section for more updates.


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