Conflict counselling in teaching and further education

Beyond our counselling activities on the local and state level, we are working on developing local conflict counselling courses and a programme for teaching and further education. For this, we draw on our practical experience in peacebuilding and conflict management at home and abroad, as well as on our almost twenty years of experience with qualifying professionals in the field of nonviolent conflict management. At the same time, we advocate for the integration of local conflict counselling into university teaching. Thus, on a broad front, we promote the increase of conflict management competencies for a nonviolent way of dealing with processes of social change in Germany. 

Thanks to our cooperation with the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW), which has been going for several years, we were able to incorporate local conflict counselling in their teaching and develop a curriculum. Simultaneously, we are developing modules for continuing and further education for municipal actors and counsellors.

With our work, we want to close the gap of a missing transfer between theory and practice – between academia/education and the actual counselling work within local communities and municipalities. At the same time, new knowledge on and for the practice of local conflict counselling is generated with scientific methods.