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Call for Applications: Programme Evaluation 2018-2019

External Evaluation (mid-term evaluation) of our Philippines Programme

Gemeinde nahe Lebka, Philippines, Cotabato Filming Project
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After operating in the Philippines for ten years and preparing the proposal for our next funding cycle, we seek to evaluate our work in the Philippines through three of our “flagship” projects. The projects in question are central to the work of the respective project offices and represent some of the key approaches of our organization.

We intend to work with a team of two evaluators, ideally one from the Philippines and one international. Evaluators are welcome to apply either as individuals or as teams. In case individual applicants are selected, they will be given time to develop their workplan and methodology in consultation with forumZFD. The evaluators will gauge the impact and outcome of the projects in question, contribute to organizational learning, and formulate strategy recommendations, that will support the further development of the our programme in the Philippines.

The timeline for the evaluation is estimated from November 2018 to April 2019.

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