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Call for Applications

and Terms of Reference

Systemic Conflict Analysis and Stakeholder Mapping forumZFD Western Balkans Programme March – April 2021
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1. Background

1.1. Organisational Overview

forumZFD, also referred to as Forum Ziviler Friedensdienst e.V., is a German, non-profit peacebuilding organization, which supports people involved in violent conflicts on the path to peace and strives to help overcome war and violence. forumZFD is currently working with peace consultants in Germany, as well as ten other countries in Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Its Academy for Conflict Transformation offers a learning space for professional, international peace work. Through dialogue events, educational work and campaigns, forumZFD actively advocates civil peace policy. forumZFD is recognized by the German Federal Government as a member of the Civil Peace Service (CPS) consortium. The organization finances its work through public and private grants, donations and membership fees.

forumZFD’s Western Balkans (WB) programme encompasses work in Bosnia-Hercegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Serbia, with over 25 local and international staff based in four country offices and a regional office (in Belgrade). Our vision for the Western Balkans is a region where peace is built through the synergies of active, responsible citizens, institutions and societies working toward dealing with conflicts constructively and without the use of violence. Our work in the region focuses on two thematic areas for professional work in this field - Dealing with the Past and providing formal and informal peace education. More information on forumZFD and the WB programme can be found on the website (

1.2. Scope of work

In 2021, forumZFD will start planning for a new phase of its programme in the Western Balkans. As part of this process, forumZFD is seeking to engage experts to undertake a systemic conflict analysis (SCA) and stakeholder mapping in each of the four programme countries. The SCA serves as a baseline for setting up the next phase of the peacebuilding programme in the Western Balkans, and to inform peacebuilding priorities and strategies for the next phase.

The task of the expert will be to produce a systemic conflict analysis and stakeholder mapping based on desk research and interviews with key national and international stakeholders in the respective country. As the Western Balkans programme is regional in scope and its activities, consideration shall be given not only to the peacebuilding environment and opportunities to strengthen peace in the respective country, but also to regional dynamics and conflict dimensions.

The final deliverable will be a SCA report in English submitted to the forumZFD Western Balkan programme teams and partners to support further programme/project design and planning.

2. The Systemic Conflict Analysis and Stakeholders Mapping

2.1. Duties and responsibilities

The consultant will be requested to carry out the following activities as part of the systemic conflict analysis, envisaged as three phases:

Inception phase:

a) Production of a work plan and methodology, discussed and agreed with forumZFD through a meeting with the Assessment Team (AT).
b) Design and organization, in consultation and coordination with the AT, the different approaches (interviews, surveys, etc.) to date collection.
c) Regular consultation and updating with forumZFD (AT).

Data collection and drafting phase:

a) Desk review of existing systemic conflict analyses; review all available information with regards to conflict dynamics in the respective country, including conflict dimensions and key driving factors.
b) In depth analysis of the conflict, its characteristics, dynamics and causes in the respective country, as well as mitigating factors.
c) Identify key stakeholders playing a role in fueling and/or addressing the sources of tensions.
d) Identify potential opportunities for peacebuilding initiatives within the framework of the forumZFD programme, with focus on communities, education (institutions), youth and women.
e) Take into consideration the impact of COVID-19 on (strengthening or weakening) peace and conflict factors.
f) Identify country-specific and related regional conflict and peace dynamics, based on sources (interviews, desk research, etc) and analysis (three box analysis, KDFs, feedback loops).
g) Submit first draft and present results in a validation workshop for the forumZFD country team and partners.

Finalisation phase

a) Respond to comments and feedback from the Assessment Team and relevant actors, and revise draft SCA report accordingly.
b) Submit final SCA report.

2.3. Methodology

The methodology will adhere to the following principles: participatory, cultural and gender sensitivity, committed to building capacities, affirming and positive while being honest and constructively critical, valuing approaches and forumZFD’s standards for systemic conflict analysis.

The Systemic Conflict Analysis and Stakeholder Mapping will draw principally on secondary qualitative and quantitative data available through desk review(1) and primary qualitative data collected through:

❖ Key Informant Interviews (KIIs) with staff, local community representatives and leaders, local national and international civil society representatives, authorities, local government units, activists, academics, media, religious leaders, and other key community stakeholders.
❖ Validation workshop with staff, key stakeholders and potential partners.

3.4 Framework of the SCA
The SCA report shall contain the following elements:

1. Introduction and short description of the applied methodology (1 page)
2. Current context description of country of analysis – please take into consideration the effects of Covid-19 (2 pages)
3. Systemic Conflict Analysis and Stakeholder Mapping (12 pages)

  • Results of a Three Box Analysis
  • Country specific and regional Key Driving Factors for peace and conflict (general description with bullet points)
  • Balancing and Reinforcing Feedback Loops (description of the main Feedback Loops elaborated)
  • Prioritized Entry Points, based on Key Driving Factors and Feedback Loops
  • Recommendations for common entry points between country of analysis and other programme countries (based on KDF analysis)

4. Annex

  • Bibliography (desk study)
  • Interview guideline (KII)
  • Feedback loops (visualization)

3. Implementation Information

3.1. Assessment Team
The Systemic Conflict Analysis and Stakeholder Mapping process will be overseen by an Assessment Team. The team will consist of forumZFD staff from the Country Office, and the Regional Office located in Belgrade. Additional forumZFD staff in the WB progamme and at the Head Office in Germany will be consulted on a regular basis and requested to provide feedback when required.

3.2. Location
Depending on constraints due to Covid-19, data collection will either take place in the country or remotely, including desk research, interviews, meetings and possible workshop(s), as agreed between the expert and the Assessment Team.

3.5. Timeline
Upon finalisation and approval of the Terms of References, a final time schedule and methodological approach will be prepared and agreed upon for the implementation of the SCA.

Action                                                          Date/Time frame                       Involved Persons

Timeline and                                                 22 March 2021                          AT and consultant
methodological approach 

Implementation of 
SCA(desk review, stakeholder                     22 March – 3 May                 AT and Consultant
mapping, interviews, submit first                  First draft
draft, review and validation                          submission 19 April
of results)   

Completion of report                                      3 May                                          Consultant

Total consultant days                                     15 days over the period


 3.6. Logistical Support

The forumZFD Assessment Team will be in regular contact with the consultant throughout the contracted period. Relevant documents and lists of contacts relating to forumZFD and the Western Balkans programme will be made available to the consultant.

3.7. Qualification/Competencies

  • Interested candidates and institutions/organisations are requested to send• Proven experience in practical research or in an academic institution or NGO.
  • Extensive field experience in the country of analysis, preferably with a range of institutions, organisations, civil society organisations, authorities and local actors.
  • A sound knowledge of conflict resolution and peacebuilding programming.
  • Proven knowledge and experience in peacebuilding and conflict prevention mechanisms at the local and national level and good understanding of gender and conflict sensitivities.
  • Extensive knowledge on conducting systemic conflict analyses and proven skills in designing and drafting SCA reports.
  • Strong analytical and excellent presentation skills.
  • Excellent existing network of contacts and proven ability to build strong relations with local authorities, communities and other local actors in the region, using interpersonal skills to network effectively to be able conduct assessments, even remotely.
  • Understanding of rights-based-approach, conflict sensitivity and do no harm approaches.
  • Fluent in English, both written and spoken.
  • Knowledge of local language(s) in the country of analysis.
  • Cooperative spirit, ability to work with a variety of actors (communities, civil society actors, partner organisations, authorities and project staff).
  • Ability and willingness to work remotely.

3.8. Application procedure
Interested candidates and institutions/organisations are requested to send in the following documents in English:

•    Motivation letter specifying the country of analysis
•    Resume
•    A 2-page proposal that contains the following methodological topics:
-    Consultant´s understanding of the process (including a tentative time line) and the key questions;
-    Instruments and tools to be used for data collection;
-    Reflections on the proposed outline of the report;
-    Financial proposal with a daily rate and other expenses
•    Two relevant samples from previous assignments, including contact details of the clients. 

For clarifications regarding the assignment and process, applicants are welcome to contact the forumZFD Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor, Mr Thomas Jackson, at

Applications should be sent by the latest 12:00pm (CET) 26 February 2021 to forumZFD at

Interviews are expected to take place in the week of 8 March 2021.


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