Beirut Film Society's vision: 

Beirut Film Society is a Non-for Profit Lebanese organization situated in Beirut, working since 2007 on promoting for “responsible filmmaking”, and officially registered under the decree 2682 on December 7, 2017. 

Beirut Film Society works on introducing cinema culture as an educative tool to human rights and ethics; and on spreading the Lebanese culture though cinema when and where possible. Their mission comprises improving the filmmaking industry, empowering and supporting talents and creativity, reinforcing the concept of “responsible filmmaking”, and above all staying committed to its social responsibility in Lebanon and the Arab world, and far beyond. BFS aims to shape the future of the film industry, by presenting Lebanon as a diverse filming location, and by providing data about film personnel, and other needed filming logistics, to the international companies and filmmakers in order to help them produce high quality audiovisual and film content. 

Collaboration with forumZFD:

In collaboration with the Beirut Film Society, forumZFD embarked on Girls For Change initiative in spring 2021, conducting two immersive 4-day workshops involving around 30 adolescent girls, aged 13 to 18, residing in the neighborhoods surrounding the Beirut port—the areas most profoundly impacted by the devastating explosion. These workshops equipped the participants with comprehensive skills in film production, covering everything from selecting a compelling subject and crafting a script to hands-on experience in filming, editing, and sound design. Additionally, the girls delved into an exploration of gender stereotypes prevalent in media and cinema, learning how to dismantle these constructs.

Following their successful collaboration, Beirut Film Society and forumZFD embarked on a groundbreaking project named "Cinema4Peace," which was launched in 2022 as a summer camp for constructive dialogue surrounding the influence of the arts, particularly cinema, in navigating conflicts (Watch Documentary about C4P's 2022 edition). Building on the camp's success, the project evolved into a continuous endeavor in 2023. Through Cinema4Peace, BFS and forumZFD sought to explore the dynamic interplay between art and conflict transformation, emphasizing the transformative power that the medium of film holds in shaping perceptions and fostering understanding in times of discord.

The project spans over 12 months, from April 2023 to April 2024, delineated into four distinct phases.

  1. The initial phase, "Preparatory online sessions," comprises 10 intensive online training days tailored for young filmmakers and film students.
  2. Subsequently, the second phase, "Cinema For Peace Summer Camp & Film Festival", unfolds over 10 days, offering comprehensive workshops, film screenings, awards ceremonies, and the production of six additional short films centred around the intersection of cinema and peace/conflict transformation.
  3. The third phase, "Cinema For Peace Seminars & Screenings," encompasses six decentralized events focused on opening dialogues and screenings across different regions throughout the year.
  4. Finally, the project concludes with the "Cinema For Peace Grant," set to launch in December 2023, culminating in the awarding of grants in March 2024, aimed at supporting innovative research within the realm of conflict transformation and cinema. This initiative represents a pioneering step towards harnessing the potential of the arts as a catalyst for positive change, constructive dialogue and intercultural understanding.


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