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Applied Peace Research

Connecting Theory and Practice

Moving Beyond: Towards Transitional Justice in the Bangsamoro Peace Process
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We are a learning organization. We aspire to constantly develop our existing skills and fields of expertise as well as incorporate new insights and approaches to Non-Violent Conflict Transformation (NVCT) into our work and link field work with current academic research. The internal research focuses on finding solutions to challenges we face in our own work, as well as challenges experienced by local partner organizations. The results of research and consultations are directly incorporated in our daily work.

In addition, we support Philippine scholars who are working on research on peace and conflict related issues, that contribute to a better understanding of the conflict. They also document realities on the ground, or explore new approaches to dealing with conflict.

In 2014, we invited national and international scholars to contribute to “Moving Beyond: Towards Transitional Justice in the Bangsamoro Peace Process”. The publication discussed different approaches to Transitional Justice and contributed to the discourse on how a Transitional Justice Process could look like in the Philippines.

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