Forum Civil Peace Service

Our vision is a world society that will solve their conflicts without violence. We strive for a culture of nonviolence, where conflicts will be dealt with constructively with the goal of ensuring a sustainable and just peace.

Our mission: Peace needs specialists

With the help of qualified peace experts and the implementation of projects of the Civil Peace Service, forumZFD works on the development of methods and tools for dealing with violent conflicts.

In politics and society forumZFD and its affiliates and members strive to strengthen civilian conflict management.

The strength of forumZFD lies in the combination of practice oriented development of civil conflict management and the lobbying and public relations in politics and society.

About us

The Forum Civil Peace Service was established in 1996 with a mission to push for the "realization of the idea of a Civilian Peace Service". forumZFD is a non-partisan organisation. It is supported by 38 member organisations and more than 150 individual members.

Following the basic idea of "Peace needs specialists" forumZFD’s Academy for Conflict Transformation offers qualification courses and trainings on issues of civil conflict to people with life and professional experience

The forumZFD carries out projects of the Civil Peace Service in the Middle East, through the Western Balkans and Southeast Asia. These include education about the origins and consequences of violent conflict, the establishment of dialogue between the opposing parties, the promotion of civil society and the reintegration of refugees and former combatants. In addition projects of forumZFD within Germany at municipal level contribute to civil conflict management.

forumZFD calls on politicians in Germany and the European Union, to strengthen civil conflict management and makes proposals how to. It co-founded the European Network for Civil Peace Services (EN.CPS) and is a member of the Global Nonviolent Peace Force.

With several “Runs for Peace”, different campaigns and selected materials, forumZFD informs about the Civil Peace Service.