Capacity Development in Lebanon

Although there are many local and international NGOs active in Lebanon, a needs assessment conducted by forumZFD and GIZ has shown that many NGOs request training relevant to organisational development and project management. However, there is a strong request for in-depth expertise in how to deal with conflicts peacefully and lastingly. Methodological knowledge of non-violent conflict transformation is sparse, especially when it comes to NGOs operating outside of the capital Beirut. Nevertheless, there is a clear interest in acquiring such skills, and an ever-growing active civil society made up of various organisations, groups and individual activists.

By providing Capacity Development for conflict transformation and peace-building projects we aim at enhancing the capability of NGOs to work in a conflict sensitive manner. Besides trainings, our approach includes mentoring and coaching of the trainees as well as follow-up activities after the trainings. The application of the acquired skills are part and parcel of the trainings and the methods are adapted to the local environment.

The portfolio of trainings we developed and implemented with partner organisations includes a broad variety of conflict transformation tools and methods such as Reflecting on Peace Practice (RPP), Conflict Analysis, Mediation and non-violent communication, just to name a few. Furthermore, the portfolio addresses organisational development by including trainings on project design, project cycle management and proposal writing. Our Capacity Development team consisting of three staff members also supports the work of the Dealing with the Past and Community Mobilising teams by giving trainings and collegial advice.



Training guide on conflict transformation

In cooperation with the Permanent Peace Movement, we developed the Handbook An Eye Not For An Eye. This manual on non-violent conflict transformation is used within the NOVA - Non Violent Activism Project to train teachers and students, providing them with exercises on non-violent behaviour.

In 2017, together with ARCPA Al Jana, we started to work with 15 staff members from NGOs and individuals to increase their knowledge on conflict transformation. With a project duration of two years the participants will not only develop their own projects, but some of the participants will be further trained to become trainers for conflict transformation skills.

Please find a summary of the Capacity Development programme here.