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18th Al Janana - Summer Encounter for Facilitators and NGO Workers in Lebanon

Seven days of workshops, forums, and networking - two workshops supported by forumZFD

The 18th Janana Summer Encounter held from the 22nd till the 29th of August, 2019 was attended by 110 Lebanese, Syrian, and Palestinian NGO and social workers. The aim of this encounter is to build capacities, create synergies, and expand local and regional networks of NGO workers and facilitators working with disadvantaged communities within Lebanon.

Janana NVC group
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The 18th Janana Summer Encounter concluded with exhibitions and performances held by the diverse array of participants. Taking place from the 22nd till the 29th of August in the Broumana High School, the summer encounter organized by Arab Resource Center for Popular Arts (ARCPA-Al-JANA) brought together over 110 NGO workers and facilitators working in Lebanon. This encounter sought to foster an environment of respect for diversity, creative expression, and active learning. 15 workshops during the morning and afternoon, networking activities, and events all took place throughout the seven days. Under forumZFD’s Capacity Building Programme two workshops were supported by fourmZFD.

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History of the Janana Summer Encounter

The first of its kind being held in 2002, the Janana Summer Encounter has gone through a long process of evolution and transformation. In its formative years, the summer encounter brought together Palestinian NGO workers residing in Lebanon and the region to learn together and from each other, discuss contentious issues, and network with one another. Since then, the encounter has expanded its scope and target groups to include Lebanese and Syrian facilitators and NGO workers from the region and included topics related to conflict transformation. The encounter also provides the space for the youth to debate, discuss, and deliberate on various controversial issues that are not commonly tackled in other spaces or platforms.

forumZFD Supporting the Youth at Janana Summer Encounter

forumZFD’s partnership with ARCPA had begun in 2014. The partnership included numerous collaborative initiatives which have included supporting the Janana Summer Encounter. Appreciating the al Janana yearly platform to expose active NGO staff to ideas of and methodologies of conflict transformation, forumZFD supported ARCPA in 2019 two workshops during the summer encounter. One of which is based on the manual co-developed by forumZFD, a workshop entitled “Violence Through the Lens of Memory”. During the workshop participants gained theoretical knowledge on aspects of Dealing with Past and technical skills on how to portray stories through photography and videos. "Being able to link the past to the present and illustrate it through imagery is a crucial component of dealing with the past.", stated Mona Hassouna, the trainer at the workshop. The workshop included several sessions as well as a field trip to Dhor El Shwair where the 12 participants had put into practice the skills they had learned throughout the workshop. The photos were placed in an exhibition that was displayed to all the attendees at the Janana Summer Encounter on the last day of the event.

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The second workshop entitled “Nonviolent Communication (NVC)” was attended by 13 participants from diverse backgrounds. The aim of this introductory workshop was to familiarize them with the concept of nonviolent communication, and provide the participants with the basic skills of NVC. The workshop emphasized creative expression and artistic exercises to help the participants grasp the concept of NVC and practice it among one another. “We’ve learned the fundamentals of nonviolent communication, which I have already started using in my daily life and will use in my professional life as well”, said Ali Miqdadi, one of the participants at the workshop. This workshop will be followed by a series of working groups where the participants can further build upon their newly acquired skills.


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