Kosovo-Serbia Tensions: Understanding Conflicts and Prospects for Peace

Kosovo, Serbien
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Kosovo-Serbia Tensions

Understanding Conflicts and Prospects for Peace

Online Talk on 26th January, 18:00-19:30 pm (CET)

At the end of last year tensions between Kosovo and Serbia ran high: Kosovo Serbs erected road barricades in the North of the Republic. Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic deployed army troops near the border to Kosovo. The spark that led to a serious of escalation was a conflict about license plates, a series of incidents followed. The region experienced similar tensions in the past, though in this case experts and the international community were particularly worried about uncontrolled escalation.

The recent events happened at the end of a year in which the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine caused serious worries in the Balkans as well. At the same time, the European Union – with the German government in a leading role – pushed for a more credible EU membership perspective for the countries in the region.

What are the key drivers of the recent serious tensions in Kosovo-Serbia-relations? Did the situation calm down after the removal of the barricades or is there a danger of new escalation? How do the tensions affect dialogue and peace initiatives in both countries? What are prospects for Kosovo-Serbia relations in 2023 and what are the issues forumZFD and its partners address in order to contribute to a sustainable peace?

We are looking forward to discuss these questions with two long-standing, experienced peace practitioners from Kosovo and Serbia:

  • Nehari Sharri, Country Director Kosovo of forumZFD, Pristina
  • Nataša Govedarica, Country Director Serbia of forumZFD, Belgrade

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