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Cover of Conflict-Sensitive Journalism Teaching Guide: Philosophy and Practice
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Conflict-Sensitive Journalism Teaching Guide: Philosophy and Practice

The first home-grown ‘Conflict-Sensitive Journalism Teaching Guide: Philosophy and Practice’ has been developed in the effort to strengthen media’s capacity to report about conflicts in Mindanao. With insights and examples coming from the Mindanao and Philippines context, the Teaching Guide will support teachers in their efforts to equip aspiring media practitioners with theory and tools for accurate, balanced and impartial reporting. The innovative Teaching Guide was born out of years of collaboration initiated by forumZFD with the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Regional Office XI, Peace and Conflict Journalism Network (PECOJON) Philippines, and the Media Educators of Mindanao, Inc (MEM), for integrating CSJ in education institutions in the region.

“By integrating CSJ in education, it goes beyond being a framework that contributes to high quality journalism. It makes students, as current media consumers and future media practitioners, aware of their potential role in creating lasting peace in Mindanao.”
- Raul C. Alvarez Jr., Ed.D. - Director IV, CHED

“The Teaching Guide brings together international insights on peace and conflict, Philippine realities of journalists, as collected by PECOJON, and the experiences of communication teachers, contributed by the MEM network. This is a unique combination in one publication”.
- Ed Karlon N. Rama – Author of the Teaching Guide and National Coordinator PECOJON

This publication can be reproduced by any process so long as it is used in line with peace education and campaign, activities and projects, as well as the advancement of conflict-sensitive journalism. However, the publishers shall be duly credited.

Jahr 2016
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