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Cover of Balkan.Perspectives, Issue No. 7
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Balkan.Perspectives No. 7

Issue No. 7: "Faith or Religion?"

The 7th issue of Balkan.Perspectives explores the connections between dealing with the past and religion. Questions reflect on how religion can contribute to a peaceful society, and what religious elements could help in the processes of dealing with the past. The issue also examines what roles religion has played in the past, and how it has been misused to fuel conflicts.

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This issue of Balkan.Perspectives deals with the following topics:

  • When religion deals with the past
  • How do religious elements contribute (or not) to facing the past?
  • Mother Theresa‘s past is at stake in Macedonia
  • Islamic community facing the consequences of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina and a growing extremism
  • Believers for peace
  • Religion and politics – A dangerous cocktail
  • Challenges in facing the past, believers and religious communities
Jahr 2017
Seiten 24
Language Englisch
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