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Cover of Balkan.Perspectives, Issue No. 5
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Balkan.Perspectives No. 5

Issue No. 5: "Her and his history"

Issue No. 5 of Balkan.Perspectives explores the topic of gender, gender relations and why they are important to be considered when it comes to processes that are related to dealing with the past. We have a look at the gender relations in the different states in the Western Balkans and see how far along we are when it comes to recognition of the different genders in the processes of Dealing with the past.

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This issue of Balkan.Perspectives deals with the following topics:

  • Facing the future: changing the attitude towards the past
  • A young man for gender equality
  • Behave like a man!
  • The survivors ask for their rights!
  • Redress for survivors of conflict-related sexual violence in Kosovo
  • Unequal peace
  • Let‘s (not) talk about sex: Reflections about taboos in Albanian language
Jahr 2016
Seiten 24
Language Englisch
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